5 Essential Reasons To Use Lightroom

lightroom1What is Adobe Lightroom?

Generally, Adobe Lightroom is an easy to use photo editing tool created and developed by Adobe system. In addition to its unique functionality, lightroom has the ability to convert basic RAW files. It is also the only photo editing application that is intended for professional photographers to make their job easier since they are dealing with hundreds and thousands of images a day. With each new release of lightroom versions, it gains a lot of exciting and new features which allows photographers in all levels to use it every day.

In this article, we will talk more about the top 5 reason to use lightroom. Here’s why:

Again, Lightroom is intended for professional photographers.

While Adobe Photoshop has everything you need for beautification, it also has a lot of unnecessary features like video and vector tools, and 3D. These features contributes to a heavier disk space of 1 gigabytes compared to 100 megabytes for lightroom.

Exceptional image organization

Adobe lightroom has an exceptional image management. It can import and duplicate copies of images in one catalog to the other as a complete back-up. While it has the ability to convert RAW files easily, it can also make the image management easier by creating keywords and metadata in every file.

Match Images Easily

With adobe lightroom, you can compare and match images side by side. This feature is very useful in selecting or picking better filters for a certain image. This feature helps speed up the editing process.

Lighter Editing Process

Adobe lightroom runs perfectly fine on both laptop and other low and high end computer which makes it easier for photo editing. In just a few clicks, it can deliver perfect filters to all images.

Copy, Paste Features

When you want to make some changes in your entire image, you can do it easily by lightroom’s copy and paste features.

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