Save Your Memories for Last

Jacques-Henri Lartigue, a French photographer and painter, known for his photographs of automobile races, planes and Parisian fashion female models, once said, “Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true.” Moments can be too quick to capture, too slow to gaze upon. You need to be fast in capturing the moments for it cannot be done again because life is so short and time flies very fast. For some memorable events in one’s life, like once when you have your own baby and as he/she grows daily, you need to capture his/her moments like the first stand they did without their parents nor guardian’s help, the moment they know how to crawl and reach something that are close to them. And lastly, parents that are careful in catching moments would sit back and wait the moment when their baby starts to walk. Those moments are precious, so everybody wants to take chance to capture these.

photographyPhotography is an art. It is dominant medium of expressions, which offers countless range of words, opinions, understandings and executions. Photography can only represents what is happening today, at present time. Once it was captured, it will turn now into a memory of the past. Also it helps people to see the other side of story, to see what is inside of that shot. In the world of photography, you get to share a moment with other people, sharing pictures from the past, a blast from the past. As our world continuously evolves, our technology is also evolving with developments and improvements. So if you are keen technology aficionado, there is a lot of gadgets, applications, and software that may help to digitally improve some of the memories from the past. Using smart gadgets, you can enhance your fading pictures from the past. Again, memories are precious to keep, no matter if it’s already fading, it is the thought that still counts.


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