How To Use The Effects In Lightroom?

tumblr_m6area81JW1qhswtfo1_500_largeWe all know that Adobe Lightroom is one of the best post-processing tool available in the market today. Some of its features are similar to Photoshop. However, most of the services offered by Lightroom are better than any other photo editing tool. Adobe Lightroom is considered to be the most useful and powerful tool for both young and professional photographers.

The program contains a lot of services that will you make your images beautiful and outstanding. In this article, we will talk and discuss the simplest way on how to use the effects in Lightroom. Knowing these things will give you more idea on how the program works and how to use it appropriately. Moreover, this article will give you an idea on how to use and modify Lightroom presets.

Adjusting Images Using Brush Effects in Lightroom

The brush effect feature in Adobe Lightroom is one of the most useful tools in the program as it allows users to modify their images in the most convenient way. In addition, users can also change the sizes of the brush to fit in the image size.

Produce High-quality Blue Sky Image

With Lightroom, you can always make the impossible possible. The luminance effect in the program has the ability to make high-quality blue sky. It can automatically modify the saturation and brightness of the image to make it look real.

Edit Images Easily With Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are the main features of the program. Adobe developed Lightroom with a goal to help photographers save time and effort in modifying tons of images. Users can either create their own presets or purchase it online. More importantly, users can use presets to one or more images. One of the things that photographers like about presets is that they can use it again and again to their images.




User’s Review on Lightroom 6

pic6Truthfully, photo editing and management programs for seniors and professional photographers are inadequate and limited. There are only few that offer great applications for photo enhancements and management. Fortunately, companies like Adobe system produces the great tools and programs related to enhancements, and productions of quality images. One of the most loved program by Adobe is Lightroom, a non-destructive tool which helps photographers in all levels with their editing process. It also helps them save time and effort since it has the ability to edit images in one click. Moreover, lightroom has become the one-stop-program for photographers who need to process thousands of images from day to day events.

Lightroom also offers clean and smooth post processing outcome. It is very important for every photographer to have it since it completes the entire quality of the picture. Adobe lightroom has also a mobile version app which allows users to edit and create lightroom presets or resume template word using their smartphones and other gadgets. It is intended for beginners or those people who are fond of sharing images using mobile phones.

Difference Between Photoshop and Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop may be known to others as one of the most powerful photo editor since it was proven to produce high quality images until lightroom was released. People shifted to it since it is more convenient, user-friendly and exciting to use. Lightroom modernize the photo editing process that makes every dull image into a more stunning and lively ones.

Over the years, adobe was consistent in creating better versions of lightroom. Users even noticed that the latest version of lightroom has better editing performance than before. With adobe’s new invention, users will never have to worry about deadlines, complaints, redo task and more.

Lightroom has already proved itself as one of the best photo editing program in the market. No wonder why more and more people want to try it everyday.


Five Essential Tips in Using Lightroom Presets

LR 24I have been using adobe lightroom for the past nine years and created hundreds of personalized presets. However, I decided not to publicize my work of art since I only made it for fun and a hobby. There are a lot of commercialized presets available online and some of the presets are really expensive yet worth it. Lightroom is one of the most popular editing tools in this generation. That is the reason why I created this article; I want to share with you the five essential tips in using lightroom.

Invest time in exploring presets

Ever since I started using lightroom, I found that presets are useful and helpful at the same time. Most professional photographers use the program as it guides them in their editing process. Lightroom presets can be applied to hundreds of images in just a few clicks. When it comes to creating your personalized presets, it is suggested that you make your own unique design and not just copy the work of others. Take more time exploring the features of lightroom, you will surely enjoy using it. If you use it every day, you will never worry about anything since you already memorize each controls and keys.

Make a new collection folder for your most wanted presets

Basically, you will notice that there are some presets that you utilize regularly for your images. Most of it are already your favorite presets. In order to organize things in your program, feel free to make a new collection or folder to store your most wanted presets. By doing so, you can save time in finding those presets in the control panel.

Use new tools

You may find the develop module very confusing and hard to use. But there are still a lot of options to look for aside from it. You can use other tools such as the straightening tool, adjustment tool, white balance, contrast and other options to make your images look perfect and great. Make sure to add your personalized design as presets so you can use it in your future editing process.

Make your own presets

Once you’ve familiarized the editing program, you can now start creating new presets. If you do not have the skills and talent to make one, then lightroom will guide you throughout the process. Read tutorials online and try to apply it once you’re ready. You can also download wonderful presets online for free if you want it as an inspiration or as a guide.

Lightroom is an easy to use tool. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes during the process. It will always preserve the original settings of the image. For more information and ideas about lightroom presets, see more here.

7 Reasons to Use Lightroom

1Adobe Lightroom has showed great improvement since its first release in 2006. They also became the best photo organizer and processor these past few years. People like using it because it has the ability to view, retouch and organize large number of raw images. However, there are still some people who are not familiar with lightroom.

In this article, we will talk about why you need to use adobe lightroom.  Basically, adobe lightroom is/has:

Intended for Professional Photographers

It does not mean that Photoshop is already out of the picture. Lightroom was originally created for photographers to help them in saving more time in editing images. Lightroom has the capacity to edit massive raw images in just one click. In addition, this tool has a lot of extra features such as disk space, graphics and presets for lightroom.

Lighter compared to Photoshop’s processing requirements

Adobe lightroom runs perfectly fine on laptops and other low-end gadgets. It is easier to download than photoshop since it has lower processing requirements.

Superb photo editing management

Again, lightroom can edit large numbers of images in one click. It can also import, duplicate and convert files in any format. In other words, adobe created this tool to simplify the editing process of all photographers.

A lot of wonderful presets

Adobe decided to create different versions of presets to help photographers with their work since they will just have to work on minor adjustments. Presets are like instagram filters; you can play with it until you find the best preset. Presets can also be applied to multiple images in just a few clicks.

Perfect for conversions

While photoshop has some minor issues regarding conversions, lightroom can convert images to and from different format since it has great raw processing routines.

More affordable compared to other photo editing tool

Adobe decided to sell lightroom in the most affordable price. They want to reach out to those photographers with tight budget or those who can’t afford expensive tools.