Lightroom’s New Version Review

pic4Lightroom is considered to be the finest editing program in the industry. And just recently, the company released the latest version of lightroom. It is still the same with the 5th version but with more exciting features and tools.

With lightroom 6, users get to enjoy these 4 additional features:

  • Facial Recognition
  • HDR merge
  • Panorama
  • Fast Performance

I suppose most users will enjoy and focus more about the HDR and Panorama since face recognition is not new to everyone. These two major features has the ability to make even more lively and meaningful images.

Some editing programs doesn’t support RAW files, but it is possible with lightroom. The new features added can work perfectly fine with RAW and Jpeg files. In addition, the output file of both Panorama and HDR merge is RAW so that users can continue modifying images as RAW. This one is good though since RAW images are more convenient and not complicated.

The editing process in lightroom has also been upgraded and designed to run background images so users can still go on editing images while the image is running on its background.

The main question here, is lightroom 6 worth buying for?

Perhaps, Yes! Despite other minor bugs and lack of HDR and Panoramic basic controls, these features will help photographers in beautifying their images. In my opinion, lightroom 6 is worth the money. Plus, its additional default lightroom presets are more stylish than the previous ones. Users will never regret buying and upgrading lightroom 6. Everything you need about editing is with lightroom 6.

If you want more of the program, you need to wait since Adobe system will surely fix all the bugs in that release. Moreover, I am also confident that the company will do everything to produce new and better versions of lightroom. In addition, you can also try Photoshop actions for your images as it has similar features like Lightroom presets.