Why Choose Adobe Lightroom?

pic7Basically, Adobe Lightroom is known for being one of the most efficient and effective post processing tools in the market today. It was built and designed to provide assistance to professional photographers who want to save time in modifying their images as well as giving them more time to shoot more wonderful pictures. While some users compare Lightroom to Photoshop, Adobe make sure that Lightroom has more unique and simplified features than Photoshop.

However, picturechaser users can always use Adobe Photoshop for major tweaking such as mask layout creations, recording of the editing process and manual editing. Lightroom is more useful for minor and basic adjustments like color modification, slideshow creation, HDR merge and more. One of the program’s best features is called presets or filtered images that can be easily applied to one or more images at once.

If users want to enhance their creativity and skills in making great art, Adobe Lightroom is the best program for them. However, if they decide not to create bundles of presets, they can always download or get lightroom presets free or paid online.


Adobe has recently launched a new version; Lightroom 6.3 and I can say this is the best version that Adobe has made so far.

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